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Earn More as a Security Officer

Earn More As A Security Officer


How to EARN MORE as a Security Officer

I’ve been working in the security industry since 1984 when I joined the Marine Corps and I often get asked “How can I make more working in security?”  Over the years I’ve learned the FASTEST & EASIEST ways to earn more as a security officer.  I hope these help you excel!

1. Education and Training

     Come to your new job ALREADY TRAINED.

In California security officers are required to undergo 40 hours of mandatory training.  The first 8 hours are called the “Guard Card” class must be completed before you can work as a security officer.  Once you’ve completed this class and have your Guard Card you can work as a security officer in California.

But getting your guard card is just the start.  You’ll need to get an additional 16 hours of training within the first 30 days of working as a security officer and another 16 hours within the first 6 months of employment.  This training is your responsibility and together adds up to the 40 hours of training that all California security officers must have.

If you come to your new job with this training ALREADY COMPLETED you are ABOVE OTHER APPLICANTS and stand out as ready to work NOW!  Getting all your training is fast and easy.  You can do it online here: https://onlinesecurityguardtraining.com/

Lastly; don’t take a chance of losing your guard card!  Make sure you also get your mandatory 8 hours annual refresher training!

2. Be available


Security Officers that get the most hours, best pay, most overtime and quickest promotions are officers that are AVAILABLE!  If you can work anywhere at any time then let your boss (or whoever does the schedule) know that so you can get a bigger paycheck right away!

3. Be Professional

     Professionalism is the KEY!

As a hiring manager it’s disappointing when people attend an interview or dress or act in an unprofessional manner.  Make sure that you ALWAYS look & speak as a professional!  If you want to be treated professionally & make the money that a professional makes then you need to BE professional.

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