About Us


The Vision statement quickly and clearly explains the purpose for which the company was founded and why it exists.


"​We Create Safe Communities"


The Mission explains the methods and priorities used to accomplish the company’s vision.


“We provide outstanding, individualized services that benefit our clients, employees and the communities we serve.​


By hiring and retaining personnel committed to providing professional services, we serve our diverse clientele.


​The incorporation of our shared values, on-going training and use of the best equipment make Delta Protective Services a recognized industry leader.”


Values are the rudder that guides our daily actions and decisions. These are the tools that we use when making decisions on how to execute the company’s mission. After each value is a description of how that value is put into action.


Personal Responsibility – I own the results that I create.

Honesty – By being honest I earn the trust of those I serve.

Excellence – As part of a team, I exceed the expectations of those that I serve.

Commitment I always act from this code and maintain the integrity of our vision, mission and values.

      1. We Do It Right – You’ll have the right person in the right place at the right time, GUARANTEED!
      2. 100% Accurate Invoices – Only pay for time & services you actually receive.
      3. Your Property Is Unique – Customized officer training specific to your property.
      4. “How Would You Like That?” – Customized reports just the way you want them.
      5. We're Always Here! - 24-hour dispatch fusion center & immediate access to supervisors & managers.
      6. Accountability - Online reports for every shift.
      7. Your Security Specialist – We proactively safeguard your people, property & peace of mind.
      8. On-line Real-Time Monitoring – See all activities with pictures text & audio as they occur.
      9. We Care – We care about your success. Your problem is our problem. We’ve got your back.
      10. We Are Professionals – State licensed & fully insured up to $3M.

    141 E. Acacia Street Stockton, CA 95202

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    The DPS Team

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    Lawrence Borgens, CPS


    Kimberley Borgens

    Kimberley Borgens


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    Sales Manager

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