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Protect your business from crime before it happens
We’ve discussed how a shaky economy and job market can spell disaster for your business’s security. Today I’d like to[...]
A struggling job market can poke holes in your security
The United States' job market is struggling: we’re fighting to keep up with foreign competition, our jobs are being outsourced[...]
How financial instability can affect your business’s security
In my former post, I introduced you to the 3 Pillars of Protection: financial stability, jobs and crime rate. Today,[...]
Our Pillars of Protection are beginning to crumble
As a safety and security professional since I joined the Marine Corps in 1984, I firmly believe there are 3 Pillars[...]
Licensing Requirements for Private Security – What Business Owners Need To Know
​This is not likely a topic you think about often but these easy-to-follow tips can save you from headaches, financial[...]
The Winter Olympics – Eight Years Later
During the month of February 2010 the Vancouver Winter Olympics held in Canada took center stage in the media. As[...]
Copiers Pose Huge Security Risk for Business
We recently became aware of a news item that has potential staggering implication for the safety & security of your[...]
Electronic “Pick-Pocketing”
There is a new threat to your privacy and credit rating. Thieves can use a mobile scanner to read the[...]
SCAM Alert – “Terrible News…”
Friends,This scam has been around for a while but seems more prevalent lately because I’ve received the below message from[...]
5 Tips to Protect Your Privacy
Identity Theft:5 Tips to Protect Your PrivacyThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have[...]
2010 Security Officer On the Job Fatalities
Private Officer International today released their year-end report of security officer deaths for 2010. According to Rick McCann, Founder/Executive Director,[...]
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