California Construction Security



You’re making dreams come true and building a better world one construction project at a time…

But work interruptions due to theft and vandalism slow your progress…

You need a security partner that understands your priorities and has a plan to help you succeed…

Someone with years of proven success…

Someone who is an expert, just like you…

We Have The Plan:

We have a simple three step plan to solve your security issues:

  1. Assess Your Risk
  2. Harden The Target
  3. Provide Our Proven Solution

Are you ready to hire Delta Protective Services and solve these problems once and for all?

The Price of Inaction:

Theft of your tools and materials…

Vandalism of your project and equipment…

You know the price for missing deadlines…

Idle workers and project delays cost your reputation and bottom line while you spend time and resources getting caught up instead of getting ahead.

The Benefit of Partnership:

Enjoy peace of mind when you partner with us!

Each morning you and your crew will pick up where they left off and return to work without hassle or delay...

Each night you'll leave with confidence knowing that we are on the job and keeping your project safe...

Enjoy the peace of mind that hundreds of people just like you have since 1993.

  1. We Do It Right – You’ll have the right person in the right place at the right time, GUARANTEED!
  2. 100% Accurate Invoices – Only pay for time & services you actually receive.
  3. Your Property Is Unique – Customized officer training specific to your property.
  4. “How Would You Like That?” – Reports the way you want them (email, on-line, fax, etc.).
  5. We're Always Here! - 24-hour dispatch & immediate access to supervisors & managers.
  6. Accountability - Hardcopy & on-line reports for every shift.
  7. Your Own Security Specialist – Trained to proactively address concerns. You benefit from our experience and expertise.
  8. On-line Real-Time Monitoring – What’s your officer doing? See all activities with pictures text & audio.
  9. We Really Care – We care about your success. Your problem is our problem. We’ve got your back.
  10. We Are Professionals – State licensed & fully insured up to $3M.
We chose Delta Protective Services to help with our construction security needs and your team did an exemplary job.
Bryan H.
Central Valley Community Bank

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