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Distribution Facilities & Logistic Centers

If it is 24/7 service or multiple locations or the need for Delta Protective Services to provides, access control, document shredding, asset protection, foot patrol, vehicle people log entry.

Our service provides on-site supervisors, field security supervisor for around the clock training, 24/7 dispatch center communication, daily reports and incident reports as well as security audits.

      1. We Do It Right – You’ll have the right person in the right place at the right time, GUARANTEED!
      2. 100% Accurate Invoices – Only pay for time & services you actually receive.
      3. Your Property Is Unique – Customized officer training specific to your property.
      4. “How Would You Like That?” – Customized reports just the way you want them.
      5. We're Always Here! - 24-hour dispatch fusion center & immediate access to supervisors & managers.
      6. Accountability - Online reports for every shift.
      7. Your Security Specialist – We proactively safeguard your people, property & peace of mind.
      8. On-line Real-Time Monitoring – See all activities with pictures text & audio as they occur.
      9. We Care – We care about your success. Your problem is our problem. We’ve got your back.
      10. We Are Professionals – State licensed & fully insured up to $3M.

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