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Copiers Pose Huge Security Risk for Business

We recently became aware of a news item that has potential staggering implication for the safety & security of your business information including personnel & financial records; literally anything that has ever been run through your copier.

The risk comes from the hard drive that is an integral part of any digital copier.  Typically, an image of each and every document that has been run through the machine may be stored on this hard drive.  This includes documents that were copied, printed, faxed or scanned.

At the end of your lease when the machine leaves your possession these document images remain on the hard drive within the copier and are easily accessed by anyone with the correct software, available for free on the internet.  This information is potentially damaging to your business and a boon for anyone involved in information theft.  In cases of protected information like medical records & credit reports your business may be in violation of statues and subject to fines.

Delta Protective Services is taking the necessary steps to ensure that your information on our business machines is properly protected and will NEVER be released accidentally.

For more information about this subject please see the news segment which aired on KOVR News 13 in Sacramento:


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The Winter Olympics – Eight Years Later

Lawrence at Grand Amercia DetailDuring the month of February 2010 the Vancouver Winter Olympics held in Canada took center stage in the media. As I see NBC’s effort in this monumental broadcasting feat it reminds me of the time that I assisted in security for NBC and other public and private entities during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.

In February of 2002 I was hired to provide uniformed & plain clothed, armed & unarmed private security services during the 2002 Salt Lake City (SLC) Olympic Winter Games. While I was away for 30 days my wife, Kimberley, ran our California based private security & investigative business, Delta Protective Services.

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Five Years Later – Our “One Year” Commitment Continues

On February 1st, 2005 Delta Protective Services made the decision to “adopt” Weber Park at the corner of Park and Van Buren Streets, near downtown Stockton. Three times each night between the hours of 9pm and 5am uniformed officers employed by Delta Protective Services conduct vehicle patrols of the park property.

Although Delta Protective Services is not contracted by the City of Stockton to provide these patrols we voluntarily chose to adopt Weber Park after the murder of Louise DeBarrows at a North Stockton park in late 2004. At the time this murder occurred we felt strongly that Delta Protective Services should give back a measure of protection and safety to the residents of this community that has so richly blessed us over the years.

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Licensing Requirements for Private Security

This is not likely a topic you think about often but these easy-to-follow tips can save you from headaches, financial loss and liability if you hire private security, work as a security officer or executive protection agent or are interested in working in the California security industry.

Following these guidelines and checklist will ensure that you never run afoul of BSIS or Consumer Affairs.

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