Vehicle Patrol Service

patrol service

Our marked vehicle patrol service serves as an effective deterrent to those who may trespass or vandalize your property or business. 

Dispatched from our 24-hour, fully staffed and equipped command center, our roving supervisors conduct random patrols, parking enforcement, alarm response, lock-up and un-lock services at your property.

Our modern fleet of efficient Hybrid patrol vehicles is a green solution to your patrol and alarm response needs.  Each vehicle is outfitted with a laptop computer, amber strobe safety lights, 2-way radio and is clearly marked in highly reflective lettering to act as an effective deterrent to crime.

A computerized record of each site visit is automatically uploaded to our secure server so that clients have 24-hour access through our website to view tour reports.  Incident reports and other documents are scanned and emailed at the end of each shift and our uniformed patrol officers use digital cameras to record any problems at your property and email you the pictures.

Our marked security vehicle patrol service reflects our professional commitment to safeguard your people, property, peace of mind.