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Vehicle Patrol

Marked vehicle courtesy patrol serves as a deterrent to those who may trespass or vandalize your property.

Your patrol officer is monitored at all times from our 24-hour Dispatch Fusion Center to ensure response times are efficient and effective.  Your property and peace of mind is always protected!  Community patrols, parking enforcement, random spot checks, alarm response, lock up and un lock service are a few of the tasks these professional provide for you.

Fuel efficient patrol vehicles are a green solution and full accountability and transparency ensure you always get what you're paying for!  We give you full access to our powerful REAL-TIME information gathering and incident reporting app that allows your patrol officer to report activity at your property.  All security, maintenance & parking issues are monitored by our dispatch fusion center and automatically sent to your each day.  With secure access to text, audio, photos & GPS data gathered by your officer your never more than a keystroke from everything you need to know!

Put our fleet of community patrol vehicles and friendly, professional officers to work for you today!  Our goal is to safeguard your people, property, peace of mind.

      1. We Do It Right – You’ll have the right person in the right place at the right time, GUARANTEED!
      2. 100% Accurate Invoices – Only pay for time & services you actually receive.
      3. Your Property Is Unique – Customized officer training specific to your property.
      4. “How Would You Like That?” – Customized reports just the way you want them.
      5. We're Always Here! - 24-hour dispatch fusion center & immediate access to supervisors & managers.
      6. Accountability - Online reports for every shift.
      7. Your Security Specialist – We proactively safeguard your people, property & peace of mind.
      8. On-line Real-Time Monitoring – See all activities with pictures text & audio as they occur.
      9. We Care – We care about your success. Your problem is our problem. We’ve got your back.
      10. We Are Professionals – State licensed & fully insured up to $3M.

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    Vehicle Patrol