Security Vehicle Patrol - Are you Getting Ripped Off by Private Security?

Are You Getting Ripped Off By Your Private Security Company?

Avoid The “Checks Per Night” Scam and Get REAL Accountability

You want a safe property…

As a property manager you’ve hired a private security company to make patrols at your property.  They drive by a few times each night and check the property, lock up the pool or laundry room, respond to noise complaints, enforce parking, etc.  You pay for this service based on a certain number of “Checks per Night”.

You know that reaching your occupancy goals is a delicate balance and the perception of security is a big part of that.  You’ve got a security budget and you want to get the most for your money.

Why did you buy security patrol service based on the basis of “checks per night”?  Because that’s how it was sold!  You didn’t have a choice…  Checks per night seems like an easy way to measure if you’re getting your monies worth but is it really?

The Cost of Inaction?

Don’t wait another minute!  Failure to take action on this one critical point can cost you everything!  When you’re not getting the security you need you feel it and your residents feel it.  If your property isn’t as safe as it should be then reaching your occupancy goals will be harder than ever.  Don’t let your security company get away with this any longer, it’s just not right.

Your Guide

From being in the United States Marine Corps to a celebrity bodyguard in Hollywood to founding my own award winning private security and investigative firm, I’ve seen it all.  I’m Lawrence Borgens and I’ve been in the security industry for over 30 years and as a security insider I know all the tricks that security companies use to cut corners at your expense.  In the Marine Corps I learned integrity and accountability and I hate a thief so I want to share this ONE tip that ensure you’ll always get the most for what you pay.  Maybe it’ll save you some money or help you reach your occupancy goals.  Better yet, maybe it’ll help your property be better protected, but either way, sharing this is the right things to do.

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