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Patrol Services



We provide this service based on the time spent on your property, not number of “checks” performed. This allows your officer to focus on your property and your unique security concerns. When patrol service is based on “checks per night” the officer rushes through the property so they can accomplish the required number of “checks” instead of slowing down to notice and correct the security issues on your property. This unique approach gives you greater peace of mind knowing the job was done right every time.


Courtesy Vehicle Patrol

Patrol services are based on a time spent on your property each night and provided in 10 minute increments. In some cases an emergency, crime or other issue on your property may occupy the officers time and prevent them from completing every tasks requested.

Please choose the amount of time & number of checks that best suit your needs then request a quote below:



1 check or 10 minutes per night: $417 / month
2 check or 20 minutes per night: $627 / month
3 check or 30 minutes per night: $777 / month
4 check or 40 minutes per night: $827 / month
5 check or 50 minutes per night: $1037 / month
6 check or 60 minutes per night: $1247 / month
Each additional check or 10 minute block of time:$207 / month














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