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Services You Can Trust

Delta Protective Services' Private Investigation Division specializes in providing solutions to your business intelligence and investigative needs. With an experienced and skilled team, we tackle even the most challenging cases with precision and confidentiality.

Public Record Search

Services You Can Trust

Our investigative team excels at conducting comprehensive surveillance, running background checks, and locating debtors, witnesses, defendants, and their assets. We have a history of successful investigations and pride ourselves on our ability to gather evidence discreetly and professionally.

Diverse Range of Services

Our private investigation services extend beyond surveillance and background checks. We also specialize in:

  • Fraud Investigation: Uncover fraudulent activities that could undermine your business operations or financial stability.
  • Executive, Celebrity & Witness Protection: Provide security and peace of mind to those who are at risk due to their status or involvement in legal proceedings.
  • Public Records Search: Conduct thorough public records searches for information on damages or injuries, whether nationwide or locally.
  • Real Estate and Property Location: Identify and locate real estate and other valuable assets, helping you make informed decisions.

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