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Crime Rates Continue To Rise At An Alarming Rate

  • A crime occurs every 18 minutes in San Joaquin County on average.
  • Your chance of being a victim of crime in San Joaquin County may be as high as 1 in 15!
  • Stockton is one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S.
  • Statewide property crime rate is up 2.4%.
  • Larceny rose by 3.0% in 2021. Auto theft is up an additional 7.6% — now up by 28.4% compared to 2019.
  • Of all reported property crimes in California in 2021, 63% were thefts, 16% were burglaries, and 21% were auto thefts.
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"We protect what matters most so that you can have peace of mind."

Lawrence Borgens, CPS | Founder


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I have had many opportunities to work with the nice people at Delta Protective Service. Lawrence and his team are always professional, timely, and do a great job providing security services at the many events we produce! Great People. Great company!

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Carrie Mae Sass

Business Owner | Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price your services?

Each security assignment is different, so we give your give your services the individual attention it deserves.  You will receive a custom proposal based on many factors including: number of hours, location, duration of the assignment, officer certifications required, specific duties, etc. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and quickly provide you with a competitive proposal.

What type of background check is performed on your security officers?

All our security officers submit fingerprints and undergo an FBI and California Department of Justice background check.

Are your security officers in uniform?

Yes. All officers are issued our uniform with shoulder patches and our company badge.  For special assignments we offer other uniform options.  Please contact us for you specialized uniform needs.  Our Executive Protection services are provided by plain-clothes agents.

What type of training do your security officers receive?

In additional to being a private security company we are also a State licensed training school for security officers up to and including firearms certification.  Our officers undergo 40 hours of training and we’re willing to share the certificates on file for your security officer.  Just ask! security training school.

What kind of training do officers receive at my property?

Every security assignment is different, so we always prepare post orders specifically for your officers.  We’ll meet with you to ask questions about what’s important to you then prepare the officer’s post orders.  Afterwards we’ll give you a copy for your approval and our field supervisor will individually train each officer at your property.  This ensures you always have a well-trained officer protecting you.

Are your security officers supervised?

Our field supervisors individually train each officer at your property.  Field supervisor also conduct random “compliance checks” on officers to ensure they are in proper uniform, know their post orders and are doing their job.  All training and compliance checks are documented and reviewed by a manager before being added to the officer’s permanent record.  These steps ensure you always have a well-trained & well supervised security officer protecting your people, property & peace of mind.

Do the security guards keep daily reports?

Your security officer reports their activity in a mobile app.  Officers are required to report their activity at least 4 times each hour, no more than 20 minutes apart.  Activity reports include a written report, photographs, GPS tag & voice notes up to 60 seconds long.  Each morning you’ll receive a summary report of all activity from the previous 24 hours.  You also get your own custom activity monitor where everything is reported in real-time and you can view all the data, run various reports and really SEE everything that’s happening on your property.

Is your security company licensed?

Yes. We are licensed as a PPO (Private Patrol Operator – That’s the security “agency license” in California) by the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).  Our security company license number is: PPO15406.  We have been licensed since 1993.  We are also a California licensed Security Firearms Training Facility (TFF) under License #: TFF1184 and a California Licensed Private Investigator under PI18181.

Do you have insurance that would protect me from liability?

We carry extensive insurance to protect you from liability, crime or injury.  We you hire us you’re automatically added as an additional insured on our $5 million dollar liability policy.  We also carry workers compensation insurance & automobile with a $1 million limit.  You’re always fully insured and protected when you hire Delta Protective Services.

Where do you get your security officers?

We recruit from many places to create a diverse workforce with many skills.  We often get applicants from the large national security companies because they are tired of being treated like a number and want to work where there feel like they are making a difference.  But we also get many first-time security officers from the medical field & retails sales, which means they are great with people.

What is the hiring process for DPS security officers?

The process for becoming a Delta Protective Services security officers is straightforward but rigorous.  Candidates must first complete an online application and an assessment.  They then receive some written interview questions and a phone interview.  If the candidate is a good fit they are invited to a group interview where they learn about the company, who we are, what we stand for and our vision, mission & core values.  If they choose to move forward, they receive a 1:1 interview and, if successful, invited to a new employee orientation where they must pass a written test & drug screening for illegal drugs and other disqualifying substances like marijuana.  After this they go through onboarding and are issued a uniform and given their first assignment.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1993.

What are your reviews?

We have excellent reviews including a 4.7 star rating (about 90 reviews) on google and a 4.4 star rating (about 150 reviews) on Facebook.

How do you manage problems?

We have a dedicated customer service manager that is proactive in eliminating issue before they become a problem.  If you should still experience an issue with your service, they are your first contact and are fully authorized & empowered to resolve your issue quickly.

What kind of security do you specialize in?

Our specialty is in providing you with a permanent, long-term partner to protect your people, property & peace of mind.  We do this by putting the right officer in the right place at the right time.  Your property and what it takes to keep things safe are unique and need a unique solution.  We understand that each security officer has strengths to solve your problems.  We specialize in making a good match between your needs and the officer we provide.  By focusing on this we ensure that you’re always well protected.

Do you utilize guard management software?

Our business is powered by WinTeam and its mobile companion app, eHub.  WinTeam & eHub is an industry-leading enterprise solution for the security industry.  They handle everything from scheduling, HR compliance, invoicing & payroll.  Officer activity reporting in the field is done with Silvertrac.  Officers report their activity in the Silvertrac at least four times each hour, no more than 20 minutes apart and you get a daily report every morning of all activity on your property & your own custom portal to access all photo’s GPS data & analytic reporting of activity on your property.  These two software tools represent the best in customer service and guard management software.

Lawrence's company has provided us with many superb services. When we were short staffed on personnel, he filled slots at the last minute. He has personally trained our personnel and received "awesome" ratings. His staff has provided courteous service and he has high moral values. I highly recommend his company.

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Dennis Smallie

Executive Director of Security | AG Spanos

  1. The RIGHT Officer For YOU – We GUARANTEE you’ll have the right person in the right place at the right time.
  2. 100% Accurate Invoices – Transparency in invoicing!  Only pay for the time & service you actually receive.
  3. Always Here For You! - 24-hour dispatch & supervisors.
  4. Accountability – Online reports with GPS, pictures, text & audio.
  5. Your Own Security Plan - Trained officers to solve your problems.

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