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Broken glass

Is your business covered when it comes to today’s uncertainty?


When it comes to business security; perception is everything.  How we, as Americans, view what is taking place in our communities is what matters most. 

When jobs are lost and financial security is threatened, it's a certain guarantee that crime will spread.

Staying one step ahead is your answer. 

But taking care of what’s at “home,” by focusing on what you’re able to control, Is the difference between keeping your business afloat – or not – during this steady rise in crime rates.

Security Suited For Your Needs

At Delta Protective Services, we offer a host of security services that can help protect your business, including:

  • Marked Vehicle Patrol - including random spot checks, parking enforcement, alarm response, lock-up/unlock services, community patrols.
  • Uniformed Officer – Each of our officers is professionally trained, licensed and fully insured.
  • Live Video Monitoring - offers you and your business the security you need so you can rest assured that should anything happen, you’re covered by the best in the business.
The time to protect your valuable business assets is now.

Don’t wait until after crime rates increase to add to the security of your business. 

Even if you currently have a full-time security officer, our complementary live video monitoring services can help you sleep better at night knowing you have the security you need.

When jobs are lost and financial security is threatened, it can mean a certain guarantee that crime will spread.

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It's time to leverage technology to secure your business.

We all know that even if you’ve installed security cameras, it won’t necessarily prevent a crime. Stop merely recording what’s going on at your business after-hours.

Stop the crime before it happens.

Ensure your property is safe, your employees are safe, and you are safe with our live video monitoring

We can give you a custom quote based on the individual needs of your business because we know one solution does not fit all. Put our decades of experience to work for your business.

No matter the state of the economy, job rates or crime statistics in your community, Delta Protective Services offers the solutions you need to stay safe

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