Three Easy Ways to Earn More as a Security Officer

Three Easy Ways to EARN MORE as a Security Officer

Your Key to a Fulfilling Career

We hope that these three easy ways to earn more as a security officer will help you make more money and encourage you to find the right fit by working with a great company and a great team of dedicated security professional.

1. Training

The quickest & easiest way to earn more as a security officer is to get more training. You don't have to go straight for an armed position but anything you do to learn more about being a security officer makes you valuable to hire. Any training you receive is going to help you earn more as a security officer.  Follow these training tips:

  • Get Training Online - The easiest way to get your training fast is online.  Your company wants to see that you have the BSIS required training certificates and the best way to get them is from on online school like:  Online courses allow you to take the training NOW so you don’t have to wait for the next class and you can do it anywhere from your mobile device anywhere, anytime.
  • Firearms Training - Armed officers earn up to 45% MORE than unarmed officers. Armed officers earn more because they have more training and responsibility.

When you show your boss you’re willing to get trained and turn in all your training certificates it’s easier to ask for a better position and more pay. Security companies are always looking for officers that are willing to improve themselves. Your first priority should be training so you can immediately EARN MORE!

2. Transportation & Availability

These work hand-in-hand because your availability and having reliable transportation has a huge impact on your schedule. The more availability you have and the more willing you are to travel the more hours you’ll get and the more money you’ll make.

Most clients want security officers night and during the weekend, times when they are NOT there.  Your need to plan on working nights and weekends, the time when there is the highest demand, if you want to EARN MORE.  If you’re the kind of person that wants every weekend off then security probably isn’t the right job for you.

Some jobs will be in remote places and your car might be your only shelter so having a having a reliable car is essential. If you are the officer that says “YES!” when asked to work then you can get better pay and more hours. Having a reliable, economical car is important because it makes your life easier and makes you a better candidate for promotion because you’re the officer that “saves the day” by agreeing to work those hard to cover locations!

3. The Right Team

Working for the right company is essential.  When you know that you’re making a difference for your community, your family, the client, the company and ultimately, yourself, it makes the days easy and the burden light. Working for the right company while reaching your goals & dreams and keeping the client safe is what it’s all about.

Don't be one of those people that goes to a job they hate just to pay the bills. When you find THE RIGHT TEAM it’s easy to be happy and always willing to take on the next challenging assignment.  Besides, with greater responsibility and authority comes more income!

Always strive to find THE RIGHT TEAM.  The place where you feel connected to the people you work with, where you like your assignments and you are always willing to do your best because it doesn’t even seem like “work”. When you find THE RIGHT TEAM you’ll always EARN MORE because you’re happy to excel and grow and be rewarded for your efforts!

If you’re the Security Officers We’re looking for…

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