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Vehicle Patrol

You want a safe community and good value. You expect your security company to be reliable and accountable.

Sometimes you're taken advantage of by unwelcome guests and even your own security company!  Trespassing, theft, vandalism and other crimes cost you money and peace of mind, leaving you worried about your property and occupancy goals.

We have your solution!  My experience in the Marine Corps, as a bodyguard and founding an award winning Security Company taught us the secrets to turning your property around.  We've helped thousands of others, let us help you too!

Keeping your community safe is easy and pain-free with our simple three-step plan:

1) Restoration

2) Cultivation

3) Community

We promise:

  • Accountability - Accurate, detailed reports delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Transparency – Real-time pictures, GPS tracking, voice & written reports of all activity.
  • Accessibility - Immediate response when you need us most.

Our professional patrol officers are standing by to serve you. Contact me now to protect your property immediately.

Do the right thing to keep your community safe and reach your goals.  Stop the complaints and vacancies now and go from feeling worried & frustrated to getting your occupancy bonus and being confident you’ve done the right thing to put you back in control of a happy community!

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Vehicle Patrol
  1. The RIGHT Officer For YOU – We GUARANTEE you’ll have the right person in the right place at the right time.
  2. 100% Accurate Invoices – No more overbilling!  Only pay for the time & services you actually receive.
  3. Always Here For You! - 24-hour dispatch & supervisors.
  4. Accountability – Online reports with GPS, pictures, text & audio.
  5. Your Own Security Plan - Trained officers to solve your problems.